About Team Play 1

At Team Play 1 we are focused on youth sports to help make the youth athlete feel like a star. At the same time we want to make it eaiser to adminstrate the sport where we focus on the club team style. Our current focus is basketball but more sports will be added.

Team Play 1 gives a single source for registering players, letting clubs register for tournaments, scoring and adminstrating the tournaments making communication between the players, coaches, and tournament sponsers easy.

Club organizations can register for tournaments and directly import the players on their team into the tournament without having to do any of it twice. This eliminates the need for for multiple applications if the team is managed with Team Play 1 and the tournament uses Team Play 1.

Using Team Play 1 for creating, tracking, and scoring tournaments makes it easier on the tournament sponser, coaches, players, and parents. All scoring for the tournament can be done using a tablet eliminating the need for paper. As the scoring occurs on the tablet it is fed real time into the Team Play 1 site providing live scoring over the web. All stats for each player is recorded and an entire game log is created. This enables coaches to go back and review the game. Parents and players can go back and review their results for each game and the tournament as well as be able to see results live.

Once a coach has entered players for a game in the tournament the next game that they play will auto populate the information for them. This will help to improve the efficiency of the tournament. No more filling out score sheets prior to each game.

When tournament scheduling is done using Team Play 1 it will notify all registrants of when their games are and any updates or changes that may occur. In the past a tournament sponser may schedule games and then send out notifications to the coaches on their lists. The coaches would then put that in their calendar and send that out to the parents. With Team Play 1 that becomes a thing of the past.

Team Play 1 will keep a calendar for the tournament. When the tournament schedule is pulished it will add the events to all of the registared participants calendars and notify them with an email. If the event changes their calendar will be updated and they will be notified. When a game result is entered or recorded that effects the outcome of what game a team may play next all related calendar events will be updated. If live scoring is used a final results will be posted with just a touch of a button.