The calendar allows you to quickly see the list of events you have on your schedule.

Viewing your events

To view your events select "Calendar -- Display" and it will display a list of your events for the current month. You can change your view by selecting "Month", "Week", or "Day".

You can advance forward through events with ">" or back through evens with "<".

Viewing single event

To view a single event click on the event and the event details will be provided. From here you can Invite members to the event, Edit the event, Delete the event, respond to RSVP and comment on the RSVP if you were RSVPed to the event, or view the RSVP list for the event if there are RSVPe members.

Creating a new event

Select "Calendar --> New Event and fill out all of the required information. If the event repeats select the repeat button and select the days it repeats on and the date that you would like the repeating event to quit repeating.

Editing an event

Select the event you would like to edit and click the "Edit" button.

Deleting an event

Select the event you would like to delete and click the "Delete" button.

Sending RSVPs to events

Select the event you would like to invite members to and select "Invite". If a player is selected it will invite all "Parents" associated with that player. Each parent will recieve an RSVP email.

Exporting to Google calendar

Select "Calendar --> Export to Google" and follow the instructions on how to add your TeamPlay1 to your google calendar.