Import players

If you have players stored in another location and you like to import them you can do this from either a Microsoft Word spread sheet (.xls) file or a file of comma seperated values (.csv) with a header. (The .xls file must be a single sheet file.) This will allow you to add many players and parents at once. You must have Admin level access to import players.

Start you import

To import select "New --> Import Players" to start. Then choose your .xls or .csv file and press upload.

You will then be given a list of items to map to your spreadsheet. Use the dropdown to select the field name that you used in your file.

  • Product Name:

    The field with the name of your product for the player. The name of the product must match exactly. If you have not already created your product then in the next step it will ask you to create the product. If it ask you to create a product and you have already created it then the text did not match the name of your product, correct your spread sheet and upload the file again.

  • Player First Name:
  • Player Last Name:
  • Gender:
  • Graduation Year:
  • Parent First Name:
  • Parent Last Name:
  • Parent Email:
  • Primary Phone:
  • Mobile Phone:
  • Work Phone:
  • School:
  • Number:
  • Sport:

You may not have all of this information, if you do not have it select "No Mapping".

Select "Submit" to continue to the next step.

Create product

If all of your products are already created then you will go to the "Verify Mapping" step.

If you do not have all of the products created then you will be prompted to create any products . Just press the "Create" for each product to create the product. Once you

Verify Mapping

Verify that all of the fields you mapped have matched up correctly. If they did not then verify your spread sheet and upload the file again so you can map everything over. If you are satisified with what you see then click the "Complete Import" button to finish your player import.

Complete import

Once you have completed the import all of the players will now be in the system. If you were importing players that already existed then the new product you have mapped them to is now added.

Any parent that was not already a member of your organization at TeamPlay1 was sent an invitation. If they were already a member but it was just an additional child being added then that child was now associated to that parent.