Invite someone into your organizaton to perform a role

You can invite people into your organization by selecting the "Hi Name ==> Invite" option. When you invite an individual into your organization it assigns them a role. If the individual is already a member but you want to add a role then invite them to perform that role. Only an admin invite people in and assign roles. Other users may be able to invite family members in with the "Invite friends and Family" option.

Select the role of the person you would like to invite and fill out the requested information for that role.

A parent should have players associated with them. Select all of the players that the parent should be responsible for.

When a player is invited you must have a parent email address to assocate with the Player. When inviting a player they will not have a product assocated with them, so they may not appear on your list for adding to teams. It is recomended that you create a player doing add new member .