Purchasing and Manage Advertising

If you are purchasing an ad and want to participate with the revenue share program you must first sign in to the organization you want to share your advertising revenue with.

Purchasing Advertising

Once you have logged into your organization you can go to "Shopping --> Advertising" and add advertising to your cart. Then once you have checked out you will have advertising credits for a banner to display. You must purchase advertising credits for each banner you would like to use. When you run out of credits for this ad you can add additional credits by renewing your ad.

Once you have completed your purchase you will be able to start managing your ads. This is where you will upload your banner.

Managing Advertising

To Manage advertising select "Manage --> Advertising" from the drop down menu. This will display a list of all of your current banners. To change or add your banner select Edit by the banner you would like to change. Provide the name of the banner and the banner image file and select "Upload". This will upload the banner to TeamPlay1 for display pending approval.

All banners uploaded must be approved first. You can see if the banner is approved in the approve column. Since banners are shown at youth sporting events the approval process is to ensure that no inappropriate banners are displayed. Each time you upload a banner it must be approved.

If you need to add credits to your banner then select renew to renew your advertising. If there are no credits remaining for this ad, the ad will not be displayed.