How to manage "My Tournaments" and "My Tournament Teams.

My tournaments are the tournaments that you have registered for.

  1. Select from dropdown "Manage ==> My Tournaments" to get a list of tournaments that you have upcoming. If you want a past tournament then press the "Past Tournament" button.
  2. Select the tournament team that you want to manage.

My tournament teams are the teams that you have either registered for a tournament or a team that was created on the scoring controller and was either handed off to your organization, or you are the tournament owner and have yet to hand off the team to the team owning organization.

  1. Select from dropdown "Manage ==> My Tournament Teams" to get a list of all teams that you have had in all tournaments.
  2. Select the tournament team that you want to manage.

General Tab

  1. If you already are managing teams you may want to import a team by selecting "Import Team". This will populate all of the tournament information from the team, including the all of the players.
  2. You can manually set this information by selecting the "change" button on a section to modify that section.
  3. General Info change button allows you to set the team name, city, state, etc..
  4. Head Coach change button allows you to set the head coach. All coaches must be listed as a member with the role of "coach".
  5. Additional Coach's change button allows you to add additional coaches to your list. All coaches must be listed as a memver with the role of "coach".

Players Tab

Add players to you roster under the players tab. Enter number, first name, last name, and optionally the graduation year of the player. This will prevent you from having to do this before the game at the scoring table, but it can still be done there and will be populated here. If you are using TeamPlay1 to manage your players and they are already members you can select "Add member" to select from the member list to add your roster.

You can delete a player from your roster with the button or you can edit the player with the button. When editing a player click the "Submit" button to finish.

Schedule Tab

The schedule tab will show your schedule and results for the tournament games.

Stats Tab

The Stats tab will show some basic stats for the players in the tournament. You can select a player to see their performance in each tournament game.

Map Tab

The Map Tab will allow you to map a tournament player to an existing member, or add the player as a member to your TeamPlay1 organization. If you imported a team then this is already done, but if a player was added during a game they won't be associated with their membership credentials. This is important if you want to be able to track stats of members across multiple tournament. It also allows the member to have easy access to all of their games and tournaments from the Stats/Info drop down.

You will only be able to Map players if this is your organization's tournament team and you are an "Admin" in your organization.

Edit Tab

The edit tab allows you to set the Division/Subdivision of a tournament team or to hand off a team to another organization. You will only be able to do this if your organization is the tournament owner and are currently holding the ownership of the team. The tournament owner will hold the ownership of a team if the team was added at the scorer's table without selecting an existing team. (See game scoring controller).