Managing Resources

A resource is anything such as a field, court, pool, etc.. These are locations you would scheudle things such as games and practices. For basic calendar usage setting up resources isn't necessary but if you are going to do tournament building they will be needed for scheduling your games.

To manage your resouces select "Manage --> Resource" and you will give you a list of all of your resources. To modify resource information click the edit button for that resource and change the information.

New Resource

To create a new resource you can select "New --> Resource" or click the "New Resource" link at the bottom of your resource list. Fill out all of the information. When you fill out the location field it may auto populate many of the fields below if it is able to locate that resource on google map. Make sure all of the auto populated fileds are correct.

You will need to set a resource short name that easily identifies the resource, and a resource title for that location. For example lets say you have the two resources at "Springfield High School" which are court 1 and court 2. Then you would set your title's to be "Court 1" and "Court 2", and then make your short name's "SHS Ct1" and "SHS Ct2".