Stats and Info

Stats and Info lets you:
  1. View Scoreboards
  2. View live games
  3. View your games
  4. View your tournaments
  5. View your teams


Scoreboards shows you a list of scoreboards that are located in a facility. You can click the "view" link to view a scoreboard in a facility.

Live Games

Live games shows you all of the current games in progress. You can click the "Live" link to view the scoreboard of the curent game. The "Boxscore" link will give you the current boxscore of the game.

My Games

A member can view all of the games that their children have appeared in by selecting "My Games". This provides quick access to all of the games a child my have appeared in, the game results, box scores, and tournaments. If a member has multiple children all of their children's games will be present showing the name of the child for the game.

My Tournaments

My tournaments shows all of the tournaments a member's child may have appeared in. This give quick access to tournament results, schedules, games and box scores.

My Teams

My teams shows all of the teams that the member's children belong to allowing for quick lookup of team information such as coaches, contacts, and roster.