Each individual is assigned one or more roles within the organization. If you want to add an additional role you need to invite that person into that role. That would include yourself as well. For instance if you are an "Admin" you may not currently be a "Coach" so invite yourself as a coach.


This is the lowest level of access. Any TeamPlay1 member can access an organization as a guest, or if an individule registers for your organization they are given guest level access until they purchase a qualifying product, or you increase their access level by inviting them with a different role.

Why you want to allow other's to access as a guest. The answer is simple, to let them register their children with your program. In order to purchase an item for your program they must have a way to have basic access to your products. Also it allows for people to purchase advertising with you so you can share advertising revenue from TeamPlay1.

A guest has access to Manage their Advertising, Shop for Products or Advertising, Stats and Info for live games and scoreboards, Edit profile, Change Password .


The "Parent" role gives "Parent" level access. This gives them access to all guest level access plus All Directory options, Calendar options "Display", "Add Event", "Export to Google", Stats and Info for their children, Invite Friends and Family, Send Messages.

A Parent will receive RSVP requests for events that their child has been invited to that they may respond and set the player's availabiity.


When a member is invited by another member through the Invite Friends and Family they will have the "Related" role which marks them as being related to players and will have the same privilages as a parent except they will not be able to edit the player, and they will not receive RSVP request. They will have the same calendar events added to their calendar that their related players are RSVPed for, and receive event reminders for items in their calendar just like all members.


Typically a player does not have any login and they are administrated by their parent.


The coach role gives all the same access as the "Parent" but they will appear in coaching selection options when you are creating teams.


The "Admin" role gives all access a parent has plus access to.
  1. Resource Calendar
  2. Manage and control Scoreboards
  3. Manage Your Tournaments
  4. Manage Tournament Teams
  5. Create and Manage Resources
  6. Create and Manage Teams
  7. Create and Manage Products
  8. Add and Manage Players
  9. Register for tournaments
  10. Create and Build Tournaments
  11. Import Players
  12. Add and Invite Members to other roles
  13. Customize your website
  14. Live scoreboard operation
  15. Manage Advertising